Selling a Wax-Dipped Moving Flame Wick Candle

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If your customers are looking for a high quality, realistic wax-dipped moving flame wick candle, there’s no reason why they should have to settle for less than the best.

The Benefits of Moving Flame Flameless Candles

First and foremost, flameless candles are safer than traditional candles. You can find battery-operated candles that offer all of the beauty of traditional candles—moving flame, burnt wick, scent, wax drips—but aren’t a fire hazard. They are a good alternative for people with children and pets or as backup lighting for blackouts and other situations where you may want to leave them on for hours at a time in unoccupied rooms.
Flameless candles also offer great value for your clients. Because they are battery operated, they have a longevity that traditional candles just can’t match. Although the highest quality LED candles are made of wax or are wax-dipped, they don’t melt. That means special shapes or candles with pictures will keep their unique appearance for years, no matter how many hundreds of hours they have been burning, and your customers will start collecting the new designs. And LED candles can last a long time; Candle Impressions LED candles can last up to 3,000 hours on a single set of batteries! Safety will draw your customers in, but it’s customer satisfaction that will drive your repeat purchases with LED candles.
Innovations like remote controls add even more convenience to flameless candles. The remote lets your customers control their candles from the couch and start candles in wall sconces and lanterns more conveniently. Flameless candles are also a good choice for your own store since you can light them without climbing into window displays and can set the timer on some to coincide with store hours or when the sun goes down.

Moving Flame Candle Advances

Gone are the days when your customers were stuck with plastic "candles” with bulbs sticking out the top. They were great for Jack-o’-Lanterns but didn’t look authentic enough to display elsewhere. Now, flameless candles can actually mimic the look of traditional candles and are beautiful enough to be put on display.
LED candles that feature a dancing flame are the latest trend in home decor. That moving flame helps your customer keep the ambience of a traditional candle and draws them in. You can also find candles that feature a burnt wick or drips down the side to increase the look of authenticity. Wax-dipped LED candles are far more popular than the plastic kind since they have the look and feel of an actual candle.
People who hate coming home to a dark house will love the programmable candles. They can be set to run for a certain amount of time, starting at a designated time. This feature is not only convenient, it’s an added bit of safety for those concerned about potential break-ins. Just program the candle to light in a spot that’s visible from a window and it’ll look like someone has started a candle. Since no one would leave their home with a candle burning unattended, a flameless candle gives the impression that someone is home.
A high quality, wax-dipped, moving flame wicked candle is a great décor choice. It’s easy to convince your customers to switch from potentially dangerous traditional candles to the safety and beauty of flameless candles.

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